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👉 Please take note and/or respect all the following rules.

👉 To submit a track, please use the form here beside. It’s the only way for you to be considered.

👉 Submitting a track does not provide any guarantee that it will be featured in the requested playlist.

👉 I won’t accept more than 3 submissions from the same artist.

👉 Be sure to be in the right place. Keep in mind that someone will spend a precious time actually listening to your submission. Allowed genres are all type of #Jazz, #TripHop, #IndieElectro, #LoFi, #Downtempo, #DeepHouse, #WorldMusic, #Rap. I’m not so a Pop/Dance/EDM and other mainstream stuff lover. There are already a lot of curators that you can contact.

👉 The data collected is only used as a means to give you a feedback on your music and if it will be added in a playlist. It is also used for promotional purposes (playlist diffusion on social media with tags to grow your exposure).

👉 To better promote your music, my presence on social networks needs to be strong. Please follow me on at least one of the following three networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. (I’ll check that before reviewing the track.)

👉 Supporting me is optional, of course, but recommended if you want your submission to be processed very quickly. Due to a very high number of requests, the waiting time to consider a submission is currently 4 months.Otherwise, please be patient and keep on doing wonderful music! ✌️🎧

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